First-of-its-kind, corporate aggregator for sports

SportBenefit provides daily access to gyms, yoga centers, swimming pools, tennis and many other different sport activities.

Feedback from our clients
лого Wisebits
HR ManagerWisebits

Implementing SportBenefit as our corporate wellness solution has been a game-changer for our organization. Not only has it improved the well-being of ...testimonials.more

лого Skoda

It is crucial for us to provide our employees with an attractive working environment, and offering the SportBenefit memberships to all our staff creat...testimonials.more

лого Mayflower

I’m excited to share how SportBenefit has positively impacted our employees’ well-being at Mayflower. Choosing SportBenefit as our sports benefits par...testimonials.more

лого Holyday Studious
HR representativeHolyday Studious

I'm thrilled with the SportBenefit service! It has completely transformed the way our employees stay active and motivated. With a wide range of sport...testimonials.more

лого Araam Meem
Araam Meem LTDAraam Meem

Thank you very much! We are very impressed with your client orientation, and would be happy to recommend to other companies


Sports for your employees

More than 240 sports locations for your employees all in one subscription!

+240 Sports facilities around your city

We have aggregated gyms and studios all over the country in one subscription. And we are constantly adding new spots!

More than 57 types of activities

Every day you can try a new sport. Maybe the one you wanted to try for a long time.

Only 1 subscription

The subscription to any gym available is in your hands. What can be more convenient!

Explore our Competitive Edge in the Wellbeing Landscape

Discover the Exclusive Edge of SportBenefit: Your Sole Corporate Wellbeing Solution with Access to 155+ Gyms, 45+ Activities, and Cyprus' Premier Wellbeing App

External gymsReimbursementOffice gym
Total cost
UnlimitedPossible restrictionsUnlimitedLimited hours
Coverage & location
In-person experience
45+ various activitiesGym onlyFull service gyms and studiosGym only
Digital solution
Refer a gym
Extend to family member
Referral program for HR's
Admin workload

Benefits for the employer

A wide range of activities

Sports activities of any kind for your employees, everyone will find a sport they like.

Affordable subscription price

The subscription price in the SportBenefit app is lower than the cost of a subscription to one gym.

Process optimisation

We value your time so we offer simplified and fast administration processes.

A huge selection of sports facilities

We provide access to the largest network of sports facilities across the country.

Employee productivity

Improve the wellness of your team and effectiveness of teamwork. The number of sick leave days will be reduced significantly!

Positive image of the company

Improve your attractiveness as an employer with a unique sports programme for employees.

Get a special offer for your employees!