For your convenience, we have collected in one file the most popular questions and answers to them


- Is the app valid in all clubs or do you need to choose one? The application is valid in all Clubs designated on the website or in the Application. Just choose your subscription type and city.

- Do I need to register in advance for training? It depends on the type of training and the specific facility. A number of Allsports partner sports facilities prefer to pre-register for classes. All objects where a record is required have the inscription "reservation required" on the object page on the website or in the Application.

- How to get into a sports facility? To access the sports facility, you must have an installed Application on your phone and an identity document (passport or driver's license; if they are not available when visiting the facility, you can provide a photo of these documents on your phone or other device). The employee of the facility must make sure that the first and last name in the Application and in the passport match.

- Will I have to pay extra for training? You can visit most of the facilities without additional charges. However, for some group workouts, visits to water parks, saunas, ski centers, an additional fee may be charged. In any case, the surcharge is a small amount, or a significant discount is provided for the holders of our cards.

- I have an App, how many times can I go to sports facilities? Regardless of which subscription you have (gold, silver, regional and platinum), you can attend only 1 lesson per day. Even if there are several services in a sports facility, you can choose only one. The next day you can choose another service in the same facility or visit another facility.

I'm sick, can I block the App? I was sick last month and didn't go, can I get my money back? Unfortunately, no. According to the contract with your employer, the Application is blocked every month until the 23rd of the current month for the next month (at the same time only for a full calendar month). You can submit a request for blocking to the responsible person from your employer in order for the Application to be turned off from next month.

- I have a silver/gold subscription, can I change it to platinum now? Unfortunately, it is not possible at the moment, but in the current month, until the 23rd, you can ask your employer to cancel your current type of access and order another one. After the changes are made by the employer from the first day of the next month, your current type of access / license will be turned off, and we will activate the Application.

- Can you tell me if there is a pool service in Hall N? You can see all available facilities and services in the App and on our website by selecting a city and your map type.

- I used to go to this pool on my gold card, now I come, and they tell me that it is already platinum and I can't pass/I don't see the object on the map anymore. Every month before the start of the new period, we send a list of changes to the responsible person of your employer (HR manager or to the trade union committee). You can see all available facilities and services in the App and on our website by selecting a city and your map type.

- I came to the gym, and my App doesn't work In case of any system failures, call the technical support number +357 96 515540 and we will promptly solve the problems that have arisen.