Privacy policy

Sport Benefit Privacy Policy Statement



By using Sport Benefit application, you share with us your personal information in order for us to provide you with an access to the services we deliver through the said application.

We do everything to protect your personal data you shared with us and provide you with the option to remove it from our procession at any point of time.

What personal information we collect?

To provide you with a secure access to our services via Sport Benefit application we may collect user's exact and/or approximate geolocation in order to prevent cases of fraud and to adhere to the application requirements.

While scanning the QR-code to get the access to one of our partner locations Sport Benefit app will ask for the access to the user's mobile device photo/video camera.

When creating user's profile in the Sport Benefit application a user will be asked to give access to the mobile device camera in order to make a user's profile picture.

As stated above we may collect such information in order to prevent cases of fraud and to adhere to the application system requirements

What personal information we share?

We share the information about the application errors. We share this information with our account to collect the analytics of how the application works and what are the point of improvements.

Keeping your information secure

We build security into our services to protect your information and use encryption to keep your data private while in transit.

Upon user's request we will completely remove all the information we collected form our procession.

There is no technical possibility of exporting user's information from the app due to its specific encryption characteristics.