Does the app work for all clubs or do you need to choose one?

SportBenefit app will give your employees the access to all sports facilities that are available for your subscription type.

Do I need to book a gym class in advance?

It depends on the type of training and the facility. A number of classes needs to be booked prior to visit. All gyms with preliminary reservation have a flag "reservation required" on the object page.

How do I visit a sports facility?

If you have an active subscription within the SportBenefit app, you simply scan the QR code posted at the reception and make sure the administrator has confirmed your visit.

Will I have to pay extra money for training?

You can visit most of facilities with no extra charges. But for some group classes, visits to water parks, saunas, skiing resorts, an additional fee may be charged. Anyway, it will be either a small amount of additional payment, or a significant discount for the holders of our subscriptions.

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